1939 – the end of Deco?

The three American shows that minted deco American-style were far behind the European tide.  It took almost a whole decade for the US to start showing deco exhibitions, following the … Continue Reading →

Frivolity in the Jazz Age…

When I think of the 1920’s, sometimes I think of the iconic image of spoiled heiress Nancy Cunard modeling dozens of African-inspired arm bangles, or “Shipwreck Kelly” sitting on his … Continue Reading →

Americans Slow to Enter Deco Race…

The U.S., or, more correctly, Herbert Hoover acting as Secretary of Commerce, declined to participate in the 1925 Paris Exposition that defined Art Deco.  Why?  American advertisers were not modern!  … Continue Reading →


Many art deco themes revived old ethnic patterns.  Designers and architects who favored Art Moderne design features were really culling the past for inspiration.  It was a time of enjoying … Continue Reading →

It Was Never Called Art Deco….

When Art Deco was in production, it was called many things, like “zig-zag” and “modern.”  It wasn’t until 1966 when Yvonne Brunhammer put together a seminal show at the Musée … Continue Reading →